Best Management Practices for Dairy Goat Farmers

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This publication was made possible through a grant from the Emerging Agricultural Markets Team of the University of Wisconsin, with support from the Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Compiled and written by Clara Hedrich, with assistance from Dr. Chris Duemler, DVM, and Dan Considine

The main purpose of this ”Best Practices Guide” is to provide some insight into the dairy goat industry.

  • This guide contains basic knowledge to help those who are considering a dairy goat operation make a sound decision as to whether or not this would be a viable business for them. Success in the industry is not guaranteed
  • A goat dairy farmer in this “Best Practices Guide” is defined as a farm milking at least 50 does and selling their milk to a milk plant. There are a few exceptions but most plants require a farm to be milking at least 50 does before they will consider picking up their milk due to the cost of transportation. A farmstead dairy is one in which the farm processes their own milk and sells their own product.

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