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Parasite Control

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Gastrointestinal Parasites

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Modified McMaster's Fecal Egg Counting Technique

A guide to counting fecal eggs in meat goats, modified from the McMaster Procedure.

External Parasites

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Lice: What They Are and How to Control Them

Information on the different types of lice, diagnosis and treatment is presented in this factsheet. Lice are a common group of ectoparasitic insects of goats; infested animals are uncomfortable and …

Alternatives to Anthelmintics

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Decreasing Barber Pole Larvae Population on Grass Pastures: Is Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer a Viable Alternative?

Barber pole larvae show increased resistance to commercial anthelmintics drenched to small ruminant livestock, and producers are looking for other alternatives. What about bypassing the livestock entirely and applying a …

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